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Founded in 2004, Shanghai LyJa Cultural Media Co., Ltd. (LyJa Media) is committed to serving agribusinesses and food service companies at home and abroad, by providing them with superb service and offering business information for stakeholders in the entire industrial chain. With a focus on agro-pastoral production, food safety and human nutrition and health, LyJa Media aims to disseminate high quality information; promote technological advancement for agribusinesses; tap into catering industry and consumer business service and provide optimized platform solutions for the entire agricultural chain.

Starting in 2019, Pig International China is published as a semiyearly that focuses on the global swine industry chain and pork supply chain. The magazine aims to help its readers seize opportunities, predict the future by fully utilizing the big data and help enterprises make better decisions amidst the upgrading of the industry and consumption.

The first issue of each year provides the latest monitoring data and predictive data along the global swine industry chain. The data range from feed ingredients market, feed and feed additive production to veterinary medicine and animal health, swine breeding and farming and pig pricing etc., with a focus on analyses of swine farming costs and benefits and the research in development potential.

The second issue concentrates on the latest monitoring data and predictive data of the global pork supply chain. The data cover pork slaughter and processing, pork prices and pork imports and exports, pork products processing and food consumption, with a focus on analyses of pork consumption trends and research in development potential.

The target audience mainly consist of entrepreneurs from swine farms and slaughtering companies; feed and animal health companies; equipment manufacturers; meat products processing companies as well as middle-senior managers; renown experts and scholars from relevant industry associations, societies and institutions of higher education.